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Recommendations for using Visit Japan Web (quarantine, immigration and customs)

Visit Japan Web is a web service that allows you to register required vaccination, immigration and customs declaration information and documents prior to arrival, allowing you to complete these procedures at the airport with QR codes.

Visit Japan Web (Online service for Quarantine, Immigration and Customs procedures)

  • create an account and register user details
  • register entry and return flight details
  • upload vaccination certificate to complete pre-registration for quarantine procedures
  • when the vaccination certificate is reviewed and approved, the app screen will change from red to blue
  • STRONGLY RECOMMEND saving a screenshot of the blue screen
    • Visit Japan Web Blue Screen

  • register disembarkation card information to create a QR code for Immigration
  • register customs declaration information to create a QR code for Customs
  • save a screen shot of the QR codes for both immigration and customs
  • also recommended to complete the paper version of the customs declaration form as a backup